Nigel and Wilber

As the party sat on the beach and dried off what little equiptment they were able to scavenge off of the bandits who captured them, they were surprised to find a Tiefling Warlock swimming out of the now abandoned boat.

This new party member introduced herself as Faraya and explained that she was locked in a separate part of the boat and had heard the parties daring escape but was unable to free herself until the boat crashed into the shore. Hearing that the boat contained hidden rooms intrigued Dark Schnieder, who left the book and idol on the beach with the party and swam back to the boat to investigate.

The rest of the party decided that it was probably best to set up camp as it was almost dusk and in the commotion didn’t notice that the loud noises to the north were actually getting louder. Suddenly there was an older gentlemen at the edge of the sand dunes running along the road. Once this guy spotted the party setting up tent he made a bee-line towards the group at full speed. Just as he reached the sand, the pack of wolves that had been chasing him came into view and the party readied for battle.

After dispatching with the wolves, and successfully skinning three of them, the old man introduced himself as Nigel the Tinkerer. Nigel is a trader, who has no interest in money. Instead he showed the party that he is magically linked to a special Bag of Holding that, at Nigel’s will, accept items and provide something the teams needs in exchange. Nigel explains that he can’t control what comes out of the bag, and that he would be place a gold pocket-watch he had on him in the bag for the party as payment for saving his live. Nigel placed the watch into the bag and pulled out a Maul that was given to Thop, the Paladin.

The party also used the bag to exchange the book they had found for a special map that automatically updates to show all areas of this land that they’ve already expired. It also always shows Nigel’s location.

Nigel stated that the bag would not accept the wolf pelts as an offering and explained that the idol the team had found is the mark of the bandits and that being caught in possession of such a symbol would be very bad. The party decided that they would not attempt to trade this idol with the bag and would instead attempt to infiltrate the bandit base later.

Nigel stated that he had been heading south towards town to meet a friend who had contacted him about an interesting item that the bag might desire and offered to have the party join him for dinner there.

The party offered to protect Nigel in his journey, which was fortunate as a loud beast sound erupted from the forward when they were near the Nigel’s friend’s house and the team encountered Rodents of Unusual Size. The team experienced it’s first disease and swarm enemy, but ultimately prevailed.

They met Nigel’s friend, Wilber Whateley, who seems like a very strange man. Wilber lives in a very dilapidated house that clearly hasn’t seen any repairs in possibly generations. Wilber fed the party and offered them his barn to sleep in as they’re too many to fit in his house. The barn was in just as rough of shape and although it was nice to sleep with a roof over your head, the missing door and multiple missing plants didn’t exactly make you feel the safest. They did also notice that although they were sleeping in what appeared to be fresh hay, there weren’t any actual livestock in this barn. Someone in the party also did notice that there was a light foot trail leading behind Wilber’s house into the woods.

Items Gained

  • Maul

Information Gained

  • You are at Wilber Whateley’s house, four miles from the port town of Dvaarnava in the state of Adar, in the Kingdom of Sarlona.
  • There is a vicious group of Bandits who have a hideout about 1 day north of Dvaarnava, along the coast, but that it’s exact location isn’t known as no one has ever made it back after investigating.

New Acquaintances

  • Nigel the Tinkerer; a trader who possesses a magic bag that will exchange unique items for something the party actually needs.
  • Wilber Whateley; You don’t really know anything about Wilber yet, but he fed you and allowed you to sleep in his barn.
Awake on the High Seas
The group gets to know each other.

This was your first encounter as a group! You awoke from a magic-induced sleep, unsure of where you were or how you got there. You escaped from the brig and managed to take down the ship’s cook and two deck hands using makeshift weapons and some s.weapons.

After leading an assault on the main party of your captures on the main deck, one of your party members sustained a life threatening direct hit from a deck mounted ballistic siege weapon. This was however, the clerics time to shine as his used the full force of his divine might to heal the fallen rogues wounds.

The party then turned their attention on the ship’s master, a human bandit, who pleaded for a truce but was quickly silenced after suffering monumental damage from the party’s fighter and then a killing blow from the wizard.

Unfortunately the only cargo worth any value on the ship was actually your party and subsequently you only managed to find a handful of basic weapons and one nice set of armor. In the captain’s quarters you also found a strange idol that doesn’t appear to be magical or religious. You did also find a small book on one of the deckhands. The book appears to be well worn however, and is just a simple story of adventures, ultimately barely worth anything.

After searching the boat, you did realize that no one was steering it, and unfortunately in her zealous attacks on the ship’s captain, the fighter damaged the steering wheel beyond use. Before the party could pile into the lifeboat attached to the back a strong wave caused the boat to veer directly at the coast line, ultimately running ashore and toppling sideways, depositing the newly freed adventurers into the shallow water. After cutting a small bit of the sail free for use as a tent, they swam to shore to take a short rest while they contemplated their options.

They were told by the bandit that a port town may be located to the South, but are unsure if that’s true at all. To the north, over the crest of sand dunes they hear a large commotion. They are sure they hear at least one male shouting and the sounds of fighting.

Items Gained

  • 2 Short Bow (w/10 arrows each)
  • 1 Hand Crossbow (w/18 bolts remaining)
  • 1 Set of Chainmail Armor
  • 2 Sets Leather Jerkins
  • 1 Small Statue/Idol of unknown origin
  • 1 Crappy book of adventure stories
  • 1 Enough sail material to make a tent

Information Learned
There may be a port town to the south.


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